A New Era of Elegance: New Holgate’s Story Featured in the Yorkshire Post

February 28, 2024
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Over the past weekend, the Yorkshire Post shared a captivating narrative of transformation that we at New Holgate are proud to call our journey. Spearheaded by our visionary, Nick Bradley, we’ve redefined the essence of boutique luxury in York, transforming a charming bed and breakfast into a sanctuary of sophistication and warmth. This £2 million renovation project intricately blends York’s historic elegance with contemporary design, establishing New Holgate as a homage to the dynamic spirit of the Holgate area.

Vision Brought to Life

Nick Bradley, with a deep-rooted passion for creating spaces that resonate with warmth and welcome, embarked on this transformative journey in 2022. His vision was clear: to cultivate a space that not only offers a luxurious escape but also stands as a testament to sustainable and community-focused hospitality. The meticulous renovation not only elevated the property with 12 exquisite en-suite rooms but also embedded the essence of home and heritage into every detail.


Design That Tells a Story

At New Holgate, every corner tells a story, a delicate dance between the historic charm of York and the boldness of modern luxury. The discovery and restoration of the building’s original features, including ceiling roses and wood panelling, alongside the incorporation of contemporary elements, create a unique ambience. It’s here that guests are enveloped in a world where past and present coexist in harmony.


Fostering Community and Environmental Stewardship

Our ambition extends beyond creating an exceptional guest experience; New Holgate wants to be part of the Holgate community. We’re preparing to launch the Residents Club, offering a space where locals can gather, collaborate, and enjoy the fruits of sustainability and innovation. Our dedication to sustainability shines through in every aspect, from our commitment to preserving the hotel’s original architecture to our proactive measures like installing on-site electric vehicle chargers.


A Culinary Journey Awaits

While currently celebrated for our delightful breakfast offerings, New Holgate is set to become a culinary destination in its own right. Our upcoming all-day brunch and evening menus promise to showcase the best of Yorkshire’s culinary landscape, offering guests and locals alike a taste of our commitment to quality, locality, and innovation.


Reflections and Anticipations

The feature in the Yorkshire Post is not just a recounting of our transformation; it’s a reflection on the journey of creating a space where luxury meets legacy. Nick Bradley’s vision for New Holgate is a beacon for the future of hospitality in York, where every guest’s stay is an experience to be cherished, and every community interaction is an opportunity to enrich our collective story.


Be Part of Our Story

We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the unique blend of history, luxury, and community spirit that defines New Holgate. Explore the enchanting city of York from the comfort of our meticulously designed hotel and discover the difference that thoughtful hospitality can make. Visit www.newholgate.com and enter code DIRECT10 for an exclusive 10% discount on your adventure into elegance.


Looking forward, New Holgate is more than ready to embrace you with open arms, offering an experience woven from the rich tapestry of York’s history and the vibrant thread of modern luxury. Discover the landmark of hospitality that is New Holgate—where every stay is a journey, and every guest is family.

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